Martyna Katarzyna Gibka, PhD

It is widely claimed that more people should know what onomastics is. Having agreed to that, I must say that a general onomastician or a toponomastician has absolutely no idea how great their situation is. They looked at the position of onomastics and worried it should be better. Had they looked at the position of literary onomastics within onomastics, they would probably have been unable to stop crying. How many people take a look at a three-legged dog with one eye and a few patches of hair? And if somebody does not look away immediately and even adopts it, it usually is only for a short while. I am by no means saying there are no reasons for it. None, however, are intrinsic to the discipline.

Being a literary onomastician in my mind, heart and soul, I cannot let this stay the case. I have fought alone for a few years now and I though I’d have to keep fighting alone, but then I went to 2017 ICOS conference in Debrecen. After my paper, Tamás Farkas approached me. Little did I know how much everything would change after that. Needless to say, some people (cannot not mention Sara L. Uckelman here) also contributed to things that happened later. In short, the world better be ready for three big international projects on literary onomastics that I hope will change everything forever.